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Dr Cyril Jankoff, Principal of Jankoff Solicitors and Cyril Jankoff CPA and Director, The Risk Doctor, contract risk mitigators.  

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Dr Cyril Jankoff has helped over 150 organisations in both the commercial and government sectors, across 10 countries, including Australia and New Zealand, and representing contracts worth many millions of dollars.  


Over the last 30 years Cyril has worked providing legal and accounting advice in business improvement, negotiation, procurement, contract management, contract risk management, sales, projects and service delivery areas.   


He is equally familiar with buy and sell side transactions and thus can provide participants with valuable insights as to how their counterparty thinks. He also provides procurement pricing advice and forensic accounting services where he quantifies loss of profits and damages claims in contested breach of contract commercial and fraud disputes.  He has an MBA and formal qualifications in law, accounting, contract management and education/training.   


Cyril is the author of several contracting books. He has for many years been closely involved with World Commerce and Contracting (, formerly the IACCM. He is a Fellow member of WorldCC and CPA Australia and is certified by the WorldCC as an Expert Level Supplier Relationship Management Professional (“SRME”). He was on their IACCM international advisory panel.  


Cyril is an Associate Professor on a part-time basis at an Executive MBA School. He Cyril is known for his attention to detail, engaging and informative presentations and his humour.  His mantra is: “What we cover in class today you should be able to use at work tomorrow


"Cyril is relentless in his research to ensure that students and classes benefit from the latest thinking and the most relevant case studies. This commitment to excellence is evident in all his teaching and programs, ensuring practical insights and guidance for those who attend.”   

Tim Cummins, CEO and Founder  International Association for Contact and Commercial Management (IACCM), USA. Now World Commerce and Contracting (

"Excellent course content, good live examples, broad range of attendees from different industries."

Contract Manager , Nokia Siemens Networks  

Small group and being able to ask Cyril specific questions relating to my role"

New South Contract Performance Specialist, Wales Outback Division of General Practice Limited 

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